Gruvi Prosecco


I absolutely love this drink. There’s so many new nonalcoholic brands sprouting up, and Gruvi is so unique in the game by offering low-calorie beers (sour weisse and IPAsour weisse and IPA) and this Prosecco.

This is by far the best nonalcoholic drink I’ve had that is reminiscent of wine.

Although, it doesn’t really taste like Prosecco and I think that’s where it really shines. It’s really it’s own thing, with flavors of honeydew and peach, just like a complex wine but not. It’s very lightly sweetened and has a fruity aroma but dry taste. Also completely 0.00% alcohol.

I am definitely stocking up on these for my next dinner party, happier hour, and girls night.

“Your wealth is your health, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that.”

Cheers to that.

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