Athletic Brewing - IPA and Golden Ale


I’m a big thinker and analyzer and sometimes I love to pick myself out of time and place place myself in an alternate reality. What if drinking alcohol stopped being a passage into adulthood? What if teens and young adult drank crafty hip (non-toxic) nonalcoholic beer? What if it was normal to go to a bar and have half the offerings be nonalcoholic? And the bar became a place of true connection instead of oblivion.

In our reality, we have a heavy drinking culture on our hands, and it certainly won’t change overnight. But kudos to the innovators and producers who are making space for this new reality, like the craft nonalcoholic beer movement and the people behind Athletic Brewing Company. From the founder himself, “the seed for Athletic Brewing was planted when I was evaluating my life before I was about to get married. As I looked to continue to improve my life through health and fitness, I found one area incompatible with the rest. Alcohol-drenched nights and weekends that resulted in unproductive hangovers and unhealthy meals had no place in a demanding financial career that required 24/7 focus. So, I made the choice to cut alcohol out of my life and I have never looked back. I still enjoyed going to bars and restaurants with friends, attending sporting events, weddings, barbeques and other social events. With limited non-alcoholic options (at best) to fit my new healthy, active lifestyle, I was always at a loss for a refreshing beverage that was easy to order and carried no social stigma. The only options were flavorless, watery, metallic in taste, and came with punchlines of decades-old jokes.” So he quit his job, teamed up with an awarded brewer, and crafted delicious nonalcoholic brews.

They are so hip, they’re even in their local Trader Joe’s. Both the Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn Golden Ale are my favorites on the market.

I’ll have a beer with no extra side effects of headache, poor sleep, loss of inhibitions, clarity, energy or health. And seriously on the health part, these beers are only 50 calories each. Cheers to a healthy mind body soul drinking culture.

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