euphoric alcohol-free programs

To create the alcohol-free life of your dreams

Maybe you’ve been wanting to take a break or quit for years. But something keeps stopping you, fear of being labeled, fear of having to go to AA, fear of being seeing as weak and broken, and fear of not fitting in with the dominant drinking culture around you. But let me ask you, why should going alcohol-free be anything like that? Isn’t that an assumption you’ve made without any experience?  

Re-evaluating my relationship with alcohol was the most soul-empowering life-affirming thing I’ve ever done. And it’s brought me greater happiness and the courage to build the life of my dreams. Ask yourself, does drinking make you ultimately happy? Is it fulfilling your soul’s potential and purpose? Does drinking every weekend give you the courage and confidence to go after what really makes you happy?  

If you answered no, welcome to your soul-expanding journey, where you get to find out how your authentic intrinsic self really wants to show up in this world, and get the confidence to do so!   


Become Euphoric

Become Euphoric is a 60-day online self-study program to help you find freedom from alcohol and live your happiest and healthiest life. It’s like school, but it’s all about YOUR self-discovery and empowerment by taking a positive and inspiring approach to redefine your life and develop the best version of you, all while not drinking.

Become Euphoric is a logic-based empowering approach. It combines neuroscience, psychology and principles of self-actualization to learn how alcohol and habit formation works and discover healthy coping skills, plus reflect deeply on what we really want from our lives. Absolutely no labels, no judgement, no strict rules. Take a moment of silence and ask yourself, were you meant for more? More than hangovers and the disappointment of drinking more than you wanted to? Is doing the same thing every weekend fulfilling your soul? 

I know you have BIG goals and dreams. I know you are capable of achieving them. This program is designed for you dreamers who want a positive approach, want to increase your vibe, and build the life you were meant to live

This program is for you:  

  • If you have a love/hate relationship with alcohol 

  • If trying to figure out if you have a problem with drinking has been an enigma; sometimes you're responsible and moderate, sometimes you don't 

  • If you feel uncomfortable with words like "alcoholic" and know that AA is not right for you 

  • If your life looks pretty good on the outside, except that drinking keeps you hungover, feeling low, and stuck in the same old routine 

  • If you've tried not drinking before but always go back to fit in and be normal 

  • If you have a few days/weeks of sober living but feel stuck and deprived  

  • If you know deep down you were meant for more 

  • If you want to connect with your inner guide and find true joy 

Become Euphoric is currently closed for registration but will start a new cohort soon! Want to be the first to know when registration opens next? Sign up below and get limited time bonuses and offers when it opens!  


New Beginnings

Not ready for a such a life-changing commitment? I hear you. Any path to self-discovery is valid and sometimes it starts with small baby steps. New Beginnings is 7-day program to get you into the mindset of self-discovery, question your assumptions, and see how not drinking alcohol is a radical act of self-love. Learn to become more aware of your thoughts and habits, disprove deeply held beliefs, and expand your soul. Changing a habit is never easy, especially one so ingrained in our society. New Beginnings helps you unravel why you think you like to drink, and find confidence and happiness in your own self-discovery without alcohol.  

I wanted to make this program free to make is accessible to anyone who has doubts about alcohol in their lives. But then I realized, even I don't fully read and participate in the free programs I've signed up for. I'm way more invested in my personal growth and transformation when I actually have a little invested. So for the cost of a cup of coffee a day, I hope you're excited to transform your relationship to alcohol and start living your best life. I'm not going to lie. Questioning the role of alcohol in my life is the BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE.