You’re not here because you can’t moderate

You’re here because your intuition is telling you that you were made for more than drinking every weekend and have so much untapped potential to discover. There is a confident, more alive, more inspired version of you that is waiting to emerge. Waiting to show you what you are capable of without a drink and push the boundaries of your dreams.


euphoric alcohol-free programs

To Build the alcohol-Free life of your dreams

I’m Karolina and I’m a certified life and transformation coach and offer programs not only to transform your relationship to alcohol, but also to transform your whole life, find what truly makes you happy and build a vision that’s way bigger than a beverage.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to take a break or quit for years. But something keeps stopping you, fear of being labeled, fear of having to go to AA, fear of being seeing as weak and broken, and fear of not fitting in with the dominant drinking culture around you. But let me ask you, why should going alcohol-free be anything like that? Isn’t that an assumption you’ve made without any experience?  

Re-evaluating my relationship with alcohol was the most soul-empowering life-affirming thing I’ve ever done. And it’s brought me greater happiness and the courage to build the life of my dreams. Does drinking make you ultimately happy? Is it fulfilling your soul’s potential and purpose? Does drinking every weekend give you the courage and confidence to go after what really makes you happy?  

If you answered no, welcome to your soul-expanding journey, where you get to find out how your authentic intrinsic self really wants to show up in this world, and get the confidence to do so.

I offer three programs to guide you on your journey: a 60 day quit-drinking and build-the-life-of-your-dreams flagship course, a FREE seven-day program to start exploring, and private 1-on-1 coaching + the full Become Euphoric course. Read below to see what option works best for you.



Become Euphoric

Become Euphoric is a 60-day online self-study course to give you freedom from alcohol and grow into your happiest and healthiest self. Because, come on girl, what are you waiting for??

It combines everything I needed to make the best decision of my life and turn the alcohol-free life into an empowering lifestyle, including the latest in health, brain science, positive psychology, and fulfillment. It’s like school, and each weekly module will help you find your truth and discover what really brings you joy, because it’s so much bigger and better than a beverage.

What’s different about this course? Well for one, you are not a problem. Having a complicated relationship with booze does not reflect on who you are. Um hello, alcohol is mass conditioned on us all! But in order to live an authentic soulful life, you need to listen to your own intuition and Become Euphoric gives you the space and reflection to do just that, discovering more joy and positivity than you ever thought possible.

The course will guide you with a step-by-step system to completely remove your desires to drink, leaving you with the space and curiosity to go after what you really want in life. You’ll become happier, healthier, more productive, and awake to your life as you break your habits around alcohol. Yes, please.

Each weekly module on introspection, health, connection, fulfillment, mindfulness, creativity, and finding your purpose (plus the latest on the true effects of alcohol and society’s warped view) will give you the strategy, tools, and exercises you need to break your cravings for alcohol and those self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Because, I know you have BIG goals and dreams. And you have those dreams because you are so capable of achieving them. Don’t let alcohol get in your way. Because seriously, drinking becomes a side note when you’re busy building the life of your dreams.

The course is designed as a 60 day challenge, and if you’re not completely happy with your new radiant happier self, you’re totally free to go back to hangovers. But hardly anyone does that, because once you try the dry life and start living according to your own inner wisdom, nothing. compares.

Are you in? Your investment is $547

I’m so happy that you’re joining us. The next cohort starts in September. Sign up below to hear about registration first, and get extra perks for being on the waiting list.



New Beginnings

Not ready for a such a life-changing commitment? I hear you. Any path to self-discovery is valid and sometimes it starts with small baby steps. I’ve also got your back with a FREE 7-day program to get you into the mindset of self-discovery, question your assumptions, and see how not drinking alcohol is a radical act of self-love. You’ll learn to become more aware of your thoughts and habits, disprove deeply held beliefs, and find more fulfillment. I know that changing a habit is never easy, especially one so ingrained in our society. This free course will help you unravel why you think you like to drink, and push you to find confidence and happiness away from the confines of a glass.

Because trust me, taking a break from alcohol is no a punishment. Why couldn't it be FUN to discover what really makes you happy? Also, did you see it’s free? What’s there to lose?

I’ll see you in the course ready to transform your relationship to alcohol and start living a happier, healthier, more intune life.

Sign up for the FREE course already.



Become Euphoric with Personalized 1 on 1 Coaching

There’s nothing like an adviser to see you where you are and visualize and plan with you to grow and go after your dreams. Each month, I’ll be working with a limited number of people who are ready to transform their drinking and lives via 1-on-1 coaching. Plus, private coaching also gets you the complete Become Euphoric Course. Let's see if we're a good match and work together.

You'll get: 

  • Advice and solutions to break beyond unhealthy patterns and coping mechanisms

  • Judgement- and shame-free space to discuss your fears and concerns

  • Transformation-based coaching to discover what really makes you happy

  • Solution-focused framework that puts your goals and dreams first

  • Mindset and perspective shifts to see the joy and benefits of an intuitive lifestyle

  • Personalized tools and exercises to design a life that's way bigger than a beverage

What's included: 

  • Two months of personalized support

  • FULL Become Euphoric course

  • Eight hour-long phone calls

  • Discovery-work and simple weekly tasks

Your investment: $1997. This is next level life goals here.


Questions on the courses? Email me at karolina@euphoricaf.com