the joys of not drinking alcohol


I am so happy you are here.

If you have even the tiniest feeling you might be happier not drinking, there is so much to explore.

Not into labels or judgement? Neither am I.

vibrant life

I always tried to have a “shiny drinking life.” Outwardly, I thought I loved it. But there was a tiny inner voice that said alcohol was holding me back from my fullest potential. I never listened. Until I finally did. On the other side of fear, I have found the most incredible joy. I am euphoric. I have outpours of gratitude, presence and appreciation, more laughter and fun, amazing sleep and health, am forging deeper connections, and most importantly, love and respect myself.

This website celebrates the joys of alcohol-free living.

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life is too short to be hungover





Quitting alcohol is not an announcement to the world that you are an alcoholic. Anyone who is not completely happy about their drinking habits has the right to try another way.