Clearly Kombucha


Finally, a “light-hearted, light-tasting” kombucha. I’m in love with Clearly Kombuchas. Sometimes kombucha can be way too sweet and deep to enjoy much of, but Clearly Kombucha is so refreshing. They have a lot less sugar than typical kombuchas, and some of their flavors are more reminiscent of a light sour beer. My favorites are black currant and strawberry hibiscus and they have four other flavors (asian pear, raspberry ginger, ginger mint lemonade, and raspberry ginger).

Kombucha is one of the best beverages you could have if you’re trying to take a break from alcohol. It has a more adult and unique flavor and is available in most stores and getting really popular in restaurants and bars. Some breweries will even have a tap for kombucha (isn’t it nice to have healthier options?). Great for probiotics and love that this brand is low in sugar. We like it so much, it’s our drink of choice at MindBar, an alcohol-free mindful experience for a night of connection that doesn’t result in hangovers.

Buy it in your local Sprouts or Whole Foods.

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