The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober


The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray

Catherine Gray calls her former self a “nightmare boozehound” turned “happy sunshine warm sober author.”  

Unlike many drinking memoirs that focus on the horror days, Catherine emphasizes the delightful joyful life that follows sans booze. Her book is humorous, witty, and she is unabashed about sharing her story. She evokes a fun life filled with jumping off waterfalls, can't-not-dance-to music, and twirley skirts. Benefits of being sober include checking out of hotels early, smelling nice, and being a kinder more gracious person. Catherine is giving sobriety a hip new reputation and inspired me to join the club. Her experience with sobriety making her a million times happier is mine as well and this website is certainly a nod to her message. 

Unexpected Joy