This Naked Mind


This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

You wake up on Monday morning feeling gross and depressed and vow you need to drink less or less often. You have a healthy week ahead, but now it’s Friday night and you have an urge to open up a bottle of wine. Your thoughts from Monday barely register, as you feel great and want to start the weekend. Sound familiar?

It’s not enough to consciously want to drink less alcohol. We have been conditioned by our own experiences, the people around us, and society at large to want to drink. Annie Grace is doing incredible work to reverse this conditioning. She takes all the myths we believe about alcohol and flips them for the truth. Alcohol relaxes you? It’s not very relaxing waking up at 3 a.m. with a pounding heart. Alcohol makes socializing easier? Tell that to the random woman you just shared your secrets with or your parents who cringe to hear you slur. This book and Annie Grace’s content will remove your subconscious desires to drink and could change your world.

This Naked Mind

The Alcohol Experiment