Wellbeing Brewing - Dark Amber and Golden Wheat


My dearest husband gifted me these nonalcoholic beers from Wellbeing Brewing Company. He gave me a whole sleuth of drinks, mixers and a recipe book to make more interesting nonalcoholic drinks for my birthday.

Living in San Diego and being surrounded by sours fruit beers and peanut butter beers and any other flavor and style under the sun makes me a little sad to drink a mass-produced O’Doul’s, which has about as much flavor as a Natty Light.  

Awesome craft beer made with passion and artisan flavors and ingredients does not have to have alcohol in it. In fact, I think the nonalcoholic beer industry has a huge potential to explode. This month, news outlets covered a global study that there is no safe alcohol consumption level, contrary to popular belief about moderation. This isn’t really news to anyone who has quit drinking alcohol. Even one drink would make me feel worse for wear the next day. I always knew it in my bones that alcohol wasn’t a health elixir.  

But nonalcoholic craft beer is not just for those who have quit for good. WellBeing has a funny line on their website, “Why would you want to take the alcohol out of beer? Is this some kind of evil plot?” They serve the millions of us who don’t drink, but also acknowledge the occasions when regular drinkers might not want alcohol.  

“Maybe you're in training. You're up early. You've had two regulars and want to stay out but don't want any more. You're on a first date. You're stoned. You're driving. You've been out two nights straight. It's spicy burrito business lunch. We could go on! Suffice it to say, we believe that craft beer without alcohol gives everyone a choice no matter the occasion. We want to be the designated driver. We want to be the person up early, clear headed and ready to tackle life. We want to have as much fun and make it home safely.” 

What a beautiful point. Unfortunately, it is considered unusual to refuse an alcoholic drink at a social event. Leaving many people’s best intentions thwarted. We should have a choice regarding our health, our productivity, our wellbeing. 

Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat 

The Golden Wheat is a very light and pale beer hinting at a lager. It has a touch of citrus and hops and is perfect for the poolside.   

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber 

This might be the best nonalcoholic beer I have tried. It's smooth, creamy, malty and hoppy, with a fresh floral aroma. It stands up to any regular craft beer I've ever had pretty darn well too. This beer is perfect for social occasions. Too bad it’s not being served [yet] in all my favorite restaurants and hangouts.  Thank you WellBeing!

WellBeing Brewing Company – ships nationwide