Sanbitter Dry Soda


One of the most profound and unexpected benefits of quitting alcohol is the joy in making new sober friends. You think that not drinking will take you away from your party-going crowd and make you a shy loner at the bar. But maybe you realize this said bar is not where life’s unforgettable moments are meant to happen anyways? Meaning that your world expands when you stop drinking, not the other way around. If your old who or what or where isn’t your thang anymore, find new who’s to befriend and fun what’s to do and exhilarating where’s to explore. Life really does get bigger, not smaller, when you quit drinking alcohol. And meeting brave new people who are not settling for less anymore, that is such a blessing. The women I’ve met in the sober community have fulfilled my lifelong dream to make “adult friends.” Something I didn’t think I was capable of. We have so much in common, namely that we can’t believe we were duped into believing that alcohol was the be-all have-all for so many years. And that being a strong and independent woman means you don’t put a clause around alcohol and deny your inner guide because you would rather follow the herd on this one. No, we are independent of society’s expectations. We are stronger than groupthink.  

People who quit drinking alcohol because it wasn’t serving them and who they are meant to be are badasses. They are the bravest and most inspiring people I know. People who wear their stories and scars out for the world to see are changing it. People who try new things and dare themselves to be bigger and not smaller are role models. People who inspire you to stop worrying about what THEY out there think and just do you helped give me a voice to talk openly about my own journey.  

What’s all this to do with a soda? My lovely sunshine-warm-sober friend Danielle gave it to me to try. Thank you Danielle! 

The soda is lightly sweet, bitter, and I detect the slightest hint of smoke. It’s a perfect after-work pre-dinner drink. I mixed it with lavender ice cubes for a pretty photo but then had to drink small bits of lavender, so don’t follow my lead. Find it off amazon, or perhaps your local Italian market. Mona Lisa Foods in San Diego carries it.  

Sober friends can be found through, meeting groups, and social media.