18 Ways to Build Resilience and Joy In Your Life


What is resilience and why should you care? Resilience is literally the ability to cope with life as a human and not let the lows and hurdles bring you down but instead come out of it stronger and more adept. People who develop resilience engage in behaviors and mental processes that help them remain calm and move through life with a greater sense of self and happiness, and not erupt into anger or want to escape and numb negative feelings.

Having resilience is correlated with more joy, self-esteem, and success in life and the great news is that resilience isn’t a trait that you either have or you don’t. Anyone can build up their resilience through a set of both behavioral and mindset developments.

Download the guide for 18 ways to build resilience and joy in your life, from the foundational basics, to the more complex mental capacities. I base my own emotional and spiritual growth and resilience on these practices.


Download 18 ways to build resilience and Joy in your life