30 Blissful Things to do Instead of Drinking


By Karolina Rzadkowolska


  1. Go for a nice long walk. Take your dog if you have one. Or better yet, ask a mom with a baby or toddler if you could help her by walking her dog.

  2. Meditate. There are countless free apps with guided meditations. I love the community based one called Insight Timer. Find a 10-minute smiling meditation, or spend half an hour focused on your chakras.

  3. Take a gorgeous bubble bath. Add essential oils. Lavender for calm and sleep. Frankincense for anxiety. Orange for energy. Rosemary for a mental boost.

  4. Read outside in the sun or under a warm blanket. Find a book on alcohol-free living to motivate you.

  5. Go to your local library or bookstore. Peruse your favorite section.

  6. Get a pedicure, or do one yourself.

  7. Color. Coloring is soothing and calming. This is a great activity for when you are bored but also have little energy.

  8. Make a delicious mocktail. Find recipes here or experiment with new flavors and fresh ingredients.

  9. Write a letter to a friend and send via snail mail. Or write a letter you don't intend to send to your parents or your future adult children or even one addressed to the past you.

  10. Journal. Prompt: What do you want more of in your life?

  11. Volunteer. Help refugees learn English, read to seniors or children, mentor at-risk youth.

  12. Go to a yoga class or put on a yoga youtube video. I like vinyasa or flow style.

  13. Cook an elaborate dish you have been wanting to try, say risotto or a soufflé.

  14. Go see a museum exhibit or to an art gallery.

  15. Donate your old clothes. Which means clear your closets of clothes and shoes you will no longer wear. Once alcohol-free, many people feel better in their skin and want to wear clothes that make them feel pretty instead of sexy or frumpy.

  16. Go swimming at your community or gym pool. Do laps or swims backwards and stare at the sky.

  17. Ride a bike. Many cities have bike rentals by the hour.

  18. Run or hike.

  19. Listen to podcasts, like One Year No Beer or Euphoric the Podcast.

  20. Be a tourist in your own city and visit the sights. Start the morning in a lively café. Take a day trip out into nature, be it forest, desert, or coastline.

  21. Give yourself a facial spa treatment.

  22. Stretch before bed or try a yin yoga routine.

  23. Bake a dessert, healthy or indulgent. I love cookies and turning fresh summer fruits into crumb bars.

  24. Find a meetup in your area for a hobby or interest. Better yet, find an alcohol-free meetup to nurture new af friends.

  25. Shop. I love food shopping. At a health or specialty grocery store, I will wander down every single aisle and pick a few unusual items as treats. Think blood oranges, kale chips, specialty juices, croissants, fancy nuts.

  26. Play a board game. Have you heard of 7 Wonders?

  27. Go out and try a new cuisine. Ethiopian. Iraqi. Cambodian. Brazilian.

  28. Watch an Oscar winning movie. Pick the one from the year you were born.

  29. Plan a trip. There is no doubt you will save a lot of money not drinking. Plan a weekend away or a trip to a new country.

  30. Visual your perfect life. Where do you live? What is your ultimate career? How are your relationships? Where would you travel? How do you spend your free time?

What do you like to do with your expanded time? Comment below.

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