Clausthaler Original and Dry Hopped


Clausthaler is a long-running German brewer making nonalcoholic beer since 1979. Instead of removing the alcohol after the beer has been brewed, their brewing process creates only a negligible amount of alcohol in the first place. 

Original tastes exactly like a European-style lager, think Heineken, Becks, or Stella. The aroma of the beer is very pronounced and the taste has a clean finish. This is my dad's style of beer and he first introduced me to Clausthaler NA. He will offer me a nonalcoholic beer, poured in a tall pilsner glass, to enjoy with him on the patio on a warm sunny day. 

Dry-Hopped is richer and more malty. It tastes more like an amber ale. The dry-hopped is a bit deeper in flavor to the original. 

Both Clausthaler beers can be found at Trader Joe's.