Episode 23 - Find Your People

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Danielle and I sit down today with Angela Shanahan to talk about the sober bar pop-up we’re organizing in San Diego, MindBar. MindBar is all about making connection with inspiring women without the inevitable hangover that follows a night out. A night for mocktails, discussion, and intention setting that leaves you feeling inspired instead of depleted. 

Angela had the idea for MindBar and teamed up with us when she saw other cool sober spaces popping up across the nation and decided to "be the change you want to see in the world." We learn about her story, about what it's like to be brave enough to go sober, how she can be a more present parent, and the need for more than a flimsy boozy social life. 

Finding your people means you find women to be real with, vulnerable with, and aspire to be greater with.

Show links:

MindBar - an alcohol-free experience in San Diego

San Diego Recovering Women’s Social Club

San Diego Alcohol-Free Women’s Meetup

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