Episode 14 - Alcohol and Pills with Tiffany Swedeen


Danielle sits down to talk recovery with fellow nurse, Tiffany Swedeen! Tiffany is a certified life and recovery coach, founder of Recover and Rise, author of her blog Scrubbed Clean RN as well as a registered nurse in recovery from opioids and alcohol. Her goal is to eradicate shame and empower women to live a life of radical self-love. Listen in as we discuss Tiffany's fascinating journey from Critical Care nurse to opioid addiction and back again, including what her first day back on the job was like. Tiffany also shares her advice for anyone new to or considering sobriety. Sure to be one of your favorite episodes yet!


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Scrubbed Clean RN: www.scrubbedcleanrn.com

Recover and Rise: www.recoverandrise.com

Refuge Recovery:https://refugerecovery.org/

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