Sparkling Chardonnay Grape Juice


Today I’m celebrating my five-year wedding anniversary! I’m so thankful that my bond with my husband has grown deeper since I’ve quit drinking. It’s more authentic, honest, and vulnerable and allows both of us to express to each other our needs and love. So how are we doing to celebrate you might ask? We have a long history of celebrating momentous occasions with good food and drinks and our traditions really didn’t have to change too much now that I don’t drink. When the time comes for it, I’ll make his and her cocktails (hard for him and soft for me). We’re also going out for a 5 course tasting menu, but first we’re both trying the new Sparkling Chardonnay Grape Juice from Trader Joe’s to chin chin our five years married. Here’s to more authenticity together, more growth, more fun, and more travel around the world—we’ve got a whole planet to see!

PS, this blend is sweet! Doctor is up like I did by adding one part juice and one or one and a half parts sparkling water. Top with bitters, if that’s your fancy.

I found this nonalcoholic chardonnay grape juice at my local Trader Joe’s.

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