Purple Lemonade


Summer is my favorite season and we spend a lot of time at the pool and being outdoors in general. Nothing says summer like a nice cold homemade lemonade. And to make it extra, I added butterfly pea tea. Butterfly pea tea makes everything this vibrant blue color, but when added with citrus, it turns this lovely purple color and voila, purple lemonade. No food coloring or weird additives, just a natural plant from Southeast Asia known for it’s high antioxidants.

Recipe: (makes about two drinks)

2 oz lemon juice

2 oz simple syrup (4 tablespoons water + 4 tablespoons sugar microwaved)

6 oz butterfly tea, steeped and cooled

4 oz sparkling water

Prepare the simple syrup by adding water to sugar and microwave for 30 seconds. Add to a cocktail shaker with lemon juice, butterfly tea and sparkling water with ice. Shake it up. Pour into a glass with ice.

I got this butterfly tea blend from Teami, a tea shop that makes blends with teas, herbs and natural ingredients to make effective health and wellness solutions.

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