Partake Brewing - IPA


Last month I was in Canada, and I loved how they didn’t sell alcohol in regular grocery stores. It meant that all that shelf space was devoted to a host of alternative, crafty drinks and nonalcoholic options. I found Partake’s IPA, which I had been meaning to try for a while, at a local Whole Foods.

Partake was founded when the owner quit drinking but missed the social connection that comes from sharing a drink with friends and joining in the celebrate special occasions. The name implies partaking in the journey of taste, variety, authenticity, and creativity with everyone else, just minus the ethanol.


The IPA tastes fruity, full-bodied, and finishes with a hint of pine. LOVE IT. Also, these GENIUSES made a nonalcoholic IPA at only 10 calories!!!!! Let’s keep them in business!

They also sell a Blonde and Pale that I’ll have to try another time!

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