What a delightful drink. Before I quit alcohol for good, I would try to limit my drinking by occasionally taking off the usual culprit weekend nights. I hadn't yet learned to be comfortable not drinking on a "Friday night," so I spent the evening running a hot bath, pouring kombucha in a wine glass, and settling in for a relaxing night with a good book. It totally worked. I also hated drinking during the week, and so mostly avoided social situations. How sad! It seemed impossible to go out and just not drink, until my last year of drinking, where occasionally I would go to game nights with my bottle of kombucha in tow. 

Kombucha is a fermented effervescent lightly-sweetened tea that is touted for its health benefits and probiotic effects. Drinking a kombucha makes my tummy feel warm. It is very complex, a little sour, and packed with flavor. I love that it is not too sweet, and most brands come in at around 60 calories per bottle. I prefer GTs and Healthade brands. My favorite flavors are ginger or cayenne. Craft kombucha bars are also popping up, in both San Diego and Orange County (and anywhere yoga hipsters live). Farm and Culture Co (pictured above) in Costa Mesa has yummy flavors like chai and jalapeno.