Bravus Brewing Amber Ale


When I first quit drinking, discovering the craft nonalcoholic beer movement was such a delight. Could I have lived without drinking beer-flavored things? Yes, of course. But it was so much more than replacing drinks. It was finding a movement, a home, that made it cool to be teetotaler. Finding people who care not only about inclusion, but about changing the future.

Nonalcoholic drinks are so much healthier. Less calories, less sugar, and uhh no alcohol. Considering that each alcoholic drinks shortens our lifespan by thirty minutes, we should be celebrating not drinking as the healthiest choice. And yet there is still so much stigma in refusing an alcoholic drink at a social gathering. It really shouldn't have to be.

I drink so much water, it’s really not what I want to sip while hanging out my friends at a bar. I don’t drink soda. If only there were more enticing choices to make not drinking appealing!

The story behind Bravus is heartwarming. The founder, Philip Brandes, was hanging out with his newly sober friend who brought O’Doul’s to a party. Brandes tried a sip and spit it out. He was incredulous that there weren’t better options—the craft beer scene has exploded and there is a flavor and style as far as the eye can see, except when it came to nonalcoholic beers. Seeing a huge need, a need to include all, Brandes started brewing in his garage. Today with a facility in Orange County and demand from all over the nation, Bravus can barely keep up with their orders.

The people behind the movement are pioneers. Think about this: there are over six thousand craft breweries in the United States and only four craft brewers making nonalcoholic beers in the nation. Literally pioneers. And the trend and demand for interesting nonalcoholic drinks is growing. “InBev, the biggest drinks firm in the world who makes Becks, Stella and Budweiser, says that in the next seven years 20 percent of its portfolio will be in alcohol-free drinks.” So you can say these brewers have a early-market advantage!

Amber Ale

The new Amber Ale is complex, earthy and reminds me of ales had in England with an extra malty hop. It was the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor movie festival picnic I attended in Hollywood.

Bravus also carries an Oatmeal Stout (my absolute favorite) and IPA. Nonalcoholic.

Bravus Brewing Company – ships nationwide