Bravus Brewing - IPA and Stout


I couldn’t be more delighted that craft nonalcoholic beer even exists! Who knew? I live in the craft beer capital of the world, San Diego, home to over two hundred breweries. There is so much variety and differentiation in the craft beer world, and yet for those of us who don’t wish to or can’t drink alcohol, there are only three nonalcoholic craft breweries in the US. What a missed opportunity.

(new blog post coming soon: adventures of home brewing nonalcoholic beer with my hubby)

Thankfully, Bravus Brewing Company in Orange County, California is paving the way. The brewery makes two beers, IPA and stout, and has an amber ale coming soon. They ship nationwide, plus sell in stores and restaurants in Orange County. Everyone is unique and certainly some people only like to drink craft beer to get buzzed. Some truly appreciate the taste and it's good news breweries are catering to this demographic and offering a responsible and healthier choice for all beer drinkers. 


It was assumed that nonalcoholic IPA was impossible. Removing the alcohol from beer changes the flavor, and the hoppy fruity IPA was too complex to mess with. Bravus has spent years crafting an IPA that beer heads can be proud of. It’s an earthy, piney, and well-rounded beer. One IPA used to knock me to the ground leaving me feeling heavy and intoxicated. Bravus IPA has all the taste expected from an IPA with no negative effects. 

Oatmeal Stout

I've always loved stouts—the chocolatey, coffee, toasty, smooth mouth feel. I thought I might never get to drink stout again. Bravus Oatmeal Stout bursts with coffee flavor, light smokiness, and thick caramel richness.

Bravus Brewing Company – ships nationwide