Borrago is a botanical nonalcoholic (0%) spirit made by steam distilling herbs and spices and blending them together. Alcohol is never produced during the process. There are no calories or sugar either.  Some nondrinkers might prefer to leave behind the culture of drinking when they quit. Everyone is so unique. But some of us love a beautifully crafted product, experimenting with fresh ingredients, and the specialness of a drink. As Borrago calls it, “the theater of a drink” with all the pomp and elegance. You know what else? Inclusivity. Food and drink is a form of love. Most of us share food and drinks with our family and closest friends. Offering alternatives to alcohol that are just as sophisticated is a true form of hospitality. I know many of us would stock plenty of alcoholic drinks when we had guests over. My best friend has been sober for quiet a while, and when she came over I would completely neglect to get her anything to serve. How rude!

I look forward to the day when restaurants, bars, and events catch on. To their credit, they are serving what they think their customers want. So we need to speak up!

Borrago has a heavy fragrance and tastes of eucalyptus, rosemary, and black pepper. Top over ice, add tonic and garnish with a slice of citrus and basil. Borrago shared a free sample with me upon emailing them—maybe they will share a free sample with you!

Borrago - ships nationally and internationally.

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