Ok, bitters ARE alcoholic, but you're only supposed to dash 2-5 drops in a glass, then add club soda or ginger beer, or experiment adding to mocktails. I love the complex botanical taste of bitters. It takes a plain sparkling water to a whole new flavor profile. If a bar or restaurant serves cocktails, they can make you a club soda with bitters. Many places won’t even charge for this drink, or may charge $1-2. Some places will charge you up to $6 dollars, and will never see me as a return customer.

This drink is one of the easiest options to order while out, and looks sophisticated in a nice glass with it’s orange hue. Sometimes you don't want a drawn out conversation with the waiter on nonalcoholic options, and bartenders will know what you are asking for. I’m regularly asked by drinkers what I am drinking, as their world explodes that it’s possible and cool to have a beautiful and nonalcoholic drink at a bar, for free.