Learn More About My Story in this Video Interview with Sobriety Starts Here


If you told me a year ago that I would share the most personal and vulnerable parts of my life on VIDEO with the world, I would not believe it. Interviewed by the lovely Sarah Roberts for Sobriety Starts Here!

I talk about it because drinking more than you want to is so common, it's just about the most common experience a regular drinker can have. That's just how alcohol works on the brain.

And it's not talked about in mainstream society, and we're made to feel alone and like something is wrong with us. We're left with little options for change. And yet, drinking isn't black and white, "abnormal and consequential" or "normal and carefree." It's a huge spectrum with infinite gradients and some might find themselves in that gray area that isn't severe, but just enough to hold them back from their fullest potentials. I was there for years in that gray, afraid to make changes for fear of being labeled. As it turns out, everything I've always wanted is on the other side of fear.

Watch the interview!


Originally featured by Sobriety Starts Here at https://sobrietystartshere.com/Karolina-Rzadkowolska