alternative Drinks

Everyone’s alcohol-free journey and lifestyle will be different, but when I quit drinking ethanol, I never intended to quit drinking tasty beverages. Having a repertoire of alternative drinks makes me feel confident and resilient in my alcohol-free lifestyle. Beautiful drinks are a treat, feel special, and are much better to nursing a tap water while socializing with your friends who are drinking craft brews. I love to explore and try new drinks and hope to popularize nonalcoholic options in bars and restaurants so that alcohol is no longer requisite to socializing.  True hospitality is making everyone feel welcomed and included.

Note: all reviews all nonalcoholic. In the US that means between 0.00-0.5% alcohol.

Skeptical? Studies show that even an unrealistically high consumption of nonalcoholic drinks leads to zero detection of ethanol in the body. Natural health drinks like kombucha and orange juice may have trace amounts up to 0.5% alcohol but are not required to label their products. Also see ripe fruit.

Some might find that nonalcoholic beer/wine hits too close to home. Please do right by you.