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Hi! I’m Karolina and I am so happy you are here. A little about me: I had identified as a social drinker for my entire adult life. Cue embarrassing stories and regrets. But mostly, cue seemingly-fun weekends drinking followed by lethargy and remorse. Rinse, wash, repeat. I was so torn. Was I the only one who experienced alcohol this way? And why does no one talk about it? As I got older, I strove to improve my physical and mental wellbeing with fruits and vegetables, hiking, and meditating. So why was I drinking copious amounts of poison? I finally experimented by taking a thirty-day break, aka dry January, and saw a glimmer of the most amazing lifestyle. I hope to capture it here. 

This site is for the me of yesterday. Who only saw two options: spend my weekends drinking and deal with the exhaustion and malaise, or admit that I am an alcoholic and feel deprived, envious, and cautious about my "condition" for the rest of my life. I didn't realize there is a third way, the easiest and most logical: to choose not to drink simply because it makes me happier. 

I have found the most tremendous joy leaving alcohol behind. I love myself again. I am so proud of my choices and lifestyle. I am daring myself to be bigger and go after the things I didn’t believe were possible for me. Not drinking alcohol is the tipping point to creating the life of my dreams. I hope to share this beautiful life-affirming lifestyle with you.



I always tried to have a “shiny drinking life.” Outwardly, I thought I loved it. But there was a tiny inner voice that said alcohol was holding me back from my fullest potential. I never listened. Until I finally did. On the other side of fear, I have found the most incredible joy. I am euphoric. I have outpours of gratitude, presence and appreciation, more laughter and fun, amazing sleep and health, am forging deeper connections, and most importantly, love and respect myself.

This website celebrates the joys of alcohol-free living.

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